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Thousands of drug inmates approved for early prison release

Wednesday October 7, 2015    11:25 AM

About 6,000 inmates are due to be freed in the coming month, the result of changes made last year to guidelines that provide judges with recommended sentences for specific crimes. The Justice Department says roughly 40,000 inmates could benefit in coming years.Many of them are small-time drug dealer

Orange County offers model for places without enough water

Monday September 28, 2015    4:50 PM

Orange County's natural water supplies come from just three sources: limited rain, a single unreliable river and aquifers.

But those are nowhere near enough to support the lawn-and-pool lifestyle that helped the home of Disneyland grow from 700,000 residents in 1960 to about 3.1 million today. So

As many as a million expected for pope's last Mass in US

Sunday September 27, 2015    2:55 AM

The 78-year-old "people's pope," who seems to feed off the energy of the crowds, is expected to see the largest of his six-day tour on Sunday when he celebrates a climactic outdoor Mass on the Benjamin Franklin Parkway before flying back to Rome.The Mass is the culminating event of a V

Europe's aging economies stand to gain from influx of people

Saturday September 19, 2015    2:24 AM

A plunge in birth rates means there will be a dearth of European workers in coming years to support the growing number of retirees. So the arrival of thousands of young â?? and often well-educated â?? potential workers stands to boost the long-term economic prospects of the region.The key is how wel

GM will pay $900 million over ignition switch scandal

Friday September 18, 2015    12:04 PM

The switches, which can slip out of the "run" position and cut off the engine, have been linked to at least 169 deaths.Despite evidence that GM's legal and engineering staffs concealed the problem for nearly a decade, no employees were charged Thursday, though U.S. Attorney Preet Bhara

The Latest on rainstorm: Crews still working on canal breach

Wednesday October 7, 2015    9:25 AM

11:45 a.m.A North Carolina-based relief organization headed by Franklin Graham is sending truckloads of supplies to help residents in flood-ravaged South Carolinians.Samaritan's Purse says it is sending two tractor-trailers full of supplies like heavy-duty tarps, generators and chain saws.The or

The Latest: Hollande says Assad must leave power

Monday September 28, 2015    4:50 PM

___7:15 P.M.President Vladimir Putin says Russia has not ruled out joining air strikes against the Islamic State in Syria but would not send ground troops into combat.After his first meeting with President Barrack Obama in two years, the Kremlin chief says any Russian action will be in accordance wi

Why Europe isn't creating any Googles or Facebooks

Saturday September 26, 2015    8:39 AM

So when he came up with an idea for a smartphone app that could send messages without Internet or cellular connections, he went back to California in 2011 to pursue his dream."I knew the only way to change the world was from here," says Benoliel, the CEO of Open Garden, the maker of the Fi

The Latest: Police still uncertain of professor's motive

Friday September 18, 2015    1:44 PM

3:30 p.m.A coroner says a .38-caliber pistol was recovered where a Delta State University teacher died from a single gunshot to the head after he is suspected of killing a colleague and his ex-girlfriend.Washington County Coroner Methel Johnson said Tuesday that Shannon Lamb killed himself about a m

Survivor: Gunman spared 'lucky one' to give police message

Sunday October 4, 2015    7:25 AM

However, Christopher Sean Harper-Mercer spared a student and gave the "lucky one" something to deliver to authorities, according to the mother of a student who witnessed Thursday's rampage.Authorities have not disclosed whether they have an envelope or package from Harper-Mercer, who D

The Latest: Francis traveling to Mass, his final US event

Sunday September 27, 2015    12:39 PM

3:15 p.m.Adoring fans are cheering, clapping and singing as Pope Francis starts the final public event of his 10-day trip to the United States and Cuba.Francis is traveling in his white Jeep Wrangler popemobile along Philadelphia's Benjamin Franklin Parkway before celebrating a Mass that is expe

Fiorina promises a fight for Republican nomination

Sunday September 20, 2015    11:24 AM

"I am a fearless fighter. I will not falter. I have been tested and I will fight this fight," said Fiorina, one of five GOP presidential candidates to address the Mackinac Republican Leadership Conference on Saturday.Most of the other Republicans seeking the party's presidential nomina

The Latest: New execution protocol being used in Oklahoma

Friday September 18, 2015    12:56 PM

12:55 p.m.Oklahoma Gov. Mary Fallin says she'll respect whatever decision the Oklahoma Court of Criminal Appeals makes as it reviews evidence in a condemned inmate's case.The appeals court halted Richard Glossip's execution just hours before it was to take place Wednesday afternoon. In a

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